Welcome to the Edge

Good morning, and welcome to the edge of Red and Blue.

This blog is my personal notepad, my corner of the web to spread my ideas on politics, religion, and just about anything else.  I hope you enjoy and maybe even take a little something away from my personal thoughts on the world at large.

I’m sure that some topics that will be focused upon will be controvercial, but I’m not that worried.  If the left side can whine about their freedom of speech, so can the right.

Now, just to get things straight, I’m not a bible thumping wrist slapping Right Wing Conservative.  I did grow up in a house where, for the most part, the environment was mostly republican.  This has stuck with me, and in turn I have molded myself into who I am based on some of the values placed then.  This does not put me in the stereotype though.

I consider my views to ride the edge, a conservative view on the cost, with a personal/subjective view on the people.  Let’s see where that will get me.

Again, please follow along as I journey through current events, and as always, enjoy.