“Why so delirious?”

There is something wrong. Maybe it’s societal, maybe it is just me, however something has come into the light greater than before. Something that does not bode well.

On July 20, 2012 a deranged 24 year old man by the name of James Holmes went on a shooting spree in Aurora, Colorado, during the opening night premiere of the new Dark Knight Rising movie. In his wake, he left 12 dead from age 6 through 51 and at least 59 injured, eventually being caught in the parking lot of the theater. He had no remorse, or at least it seems so.

Though there may not be that many people who read this blog, or have any pull in the blogging community. I would still like to personally give my heartfelt thoughts and prayers to those who passed, as well as those still recovering, and the families that are there with them. Fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters. Married, single, adults, and children. They were all affected, and in a way, so are we. As a society, many of us feel deeply for these victims, and those who loved them.

However, how much?

Though it is a tragedy, it is not the only thing wrong. This event has been grabbed by some and turned into a bastardized tool to further their own “feelings.” Some have simply cast aside the victims and their families with tautry condolences and half thought wishes, attempting to turn this into a political, or personal gain. Let me provide you with a few examples.

Instead of talking about/to/with the families, the children, the adults, the victims of this incident, some “journalists” have taken this “opportunity” to toss blame where none exists. ABC’s Good Morning America had Brian Ross on their show. He attempted to use shotty journalism and no source to speak of to throw blame on the Tea Party, for Holmes’s actions. He eventually had to walk it back after the “Jim Holmes” who was a member of the Colorado Tea Party had to prove that he was not the man they were looking for.

It was not only the media that did this either. Politicians are brazenly using this as a way to push gun control laws, often ignoring the fact that Colorado has strict restrictions on weapons, and that the theater was a “no-gun zone.” Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) and Michael Bloomberg (Mayor of NYC) both began to push rhetoric towards gun control and how it would have “saved lives.”

“Let’s stop wasting time and start saving lives, Congress must prioritize a ban on high-capacity gun magazines.”
– Sen. Frank Lautenberg

The problem that Sen. Lautenberg ignores is that high-capacity gun magazines would have had little affect on what Holmes did that night, the perpetrator was prepared for nearly any situation, and had reportedly swapped weapons midway through the shooting, obviously not slowing him down.

“Soothing words are nice, but maybe it’s time that the two people who want to be president of the United States stand up and tell us what they are going to do about it, because this is obviously a problem across the country”
– NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg

Interestingly enough, NYC still has a huge crimerate, yet has some of the most strict gun control laws in the country. What his statement appeared to be was little more than a shaky platform in which he could attempt to politicize an event that did not need to be politicized.

However, even these cases were not enough. The “Hollywood elite,” or at least those who think they are had to put their two cents in.  A couple of the most outspoken were Bill Mahar and Cher.  Both putting their own spin on the situation, yet not really mentioning anything about the victims themselves.

Bill Mahar, once again proves his indecency.

Bill Mahar, once again proves his indecency.

Cher, seems to prove how ignorant she truly is.

Cher, seems to prove how ignorant she truly is.

The problem isn’t only what these people say, but what they decide not to say. They ignore any inconvenient truths, they only decide to place one thing on the pulpit and ignore any opposition. I’m not going to try to make this a left-wing vs right-wing issue, but it is not looking well for one side, as the other has mostly had only kind words to the families, even talking about the need to look into mental health and how it is mismanaged.

On the political side, I would actually like to commend President Obama on his handling of the situation. He did not want to get in the way of the healing, yet wanted to let the families know that they were in his thoughts, and it seemed very heartfelt and sincere. Just as Mr. Romney’s remarks were. Their hearts are in the right place.

I would like to end this on a different note though.  My thoughts and prayers go out to those who are recovering, their families, and the families of those lost on that dreaded night. There is little that I can say to heal their wounds, there is little that I can do to bring back those they have lost, but my condolences go out all the same.